Final Chara Designs

So it seems like i forgot to update my finalized character designs! 
Although i say 'finalized' designs, the colours of Flurl's clothes are still up for a bit of tweaking i'd say.. hmmm~ 


Other toothfairies

The sleepie kiddies


my first post for Sketch_Dailies~

The other day, Mike P told me about this awesome thing on twitter called Sketch_dailies, so i decided to give it ago! i waaas~ gonna practice digi painting, given this perfect topic.. but.. in the end.. i did lines instead.. woopsies! 8D

a little under-monstery.. but it was fun~! it's been a while since i last robo-ed + dino-ed ~


Working on character designs for our spring film, this is my end product for the night… I'll probably revisit it tomorrow and change ….stuff. multiple stuffs…  i'm debating the bubbly hair though, that's maimai's signature..(but it's just so cute and fun.. and i want it.)

(i'm definitely changing colors… now that i see it smaller… that's kinda wa-ow-bad =w=;;)


Happie Valentine's Day~!

I remember i once saw a tv programme that spoke of the origins of 'Valentine's Day', and although i find the story very intriguing and much more meaningful than the current adaptation of it, i only admire the original story every 364 other days of the year.  For today, is the one day of the year, when my chocoholic self gets to go crazy.  

Happy Chocoholic's Day!!

As per my RA's request, here's a picture for the february issue of our babecavezine!
(psssst. please save me some of that 'out of season' chocolate at the store tomorrow? <3)


For the "moments" stills that were due today...

I did a background i quite like~!
Though not exactly what i was looking for in terms of style, it's getting closer… the character is just there for now though.. the design isn't there yet.. so we'll see what happens! :D

The other still, i feel isn't quite there yet both in terms of look and process, so i'm still testing it out. Hum hum hum…. still much development to work on! :]


Things Diana and i think about at 4something am..

and then.. another chunk of time passed.. and we didn't do our work.. but decided to go home…you know, just incase =u= hehe. woopsies


Animation Demo Reel

It's my Mamie's birthday!

... Well.. until a few minutes ago, it still was...but that's okay! I sent it to my wonderful mamie ealier already hehe~

so here's me trying to glomp all over her while i'm away from home <:']  (i hope her hair is at least slightly more disheveled by tomorrow hehehehee)