And the catchup continues! Let's see what little silly posts i have for you today~

Let's start it off with the Yvonne! This girl lives on instant noodles and canned soup a good chunk of every semester and is mad talented. 

We found a promotional foam axe in the office and Kaitlyn took no time to give me a good hearty chop… (i couldn't miss this opportune chance to go overboard with the 'blood splatter' tool on TV Paint of course~!)

In which our favourite Gabby got dispatched to the faraway lands of … the new lab on the.. east? west?  far side...

This was to convince poor little Yvonne that i am actually super tall.      Heeeeheeeheeeee (Poor girl was so distraught at the sight of this picture, it made my day) 

And then i lost my lines and became lineless!! :D whee~ 

But of course, in reality i was more like this sad zombie-like face here …
(text translation: help meee~~please!)

One fine day, when poor Luz stepped out of the office, Sam and I invaded and left her with this horrifying image (oh and it used to say "hey Luuuuuuuuuz' for extra creep-factor) and ran away.

Doing "homework" at night in the winter when there's no heat, besides the numb feet, is actually very comfy!

A "self-portrait" for my author's page on Caffeinatedish

I have definitely made it a goal to use the "fun tools" in TV Paint in some sort of useful/fun way…Can you tell?  In this case, have a rainbow tool! Maybe i should consider adding an HP status bar next time though~

My interpretations of what my friend meant when she called me a "turtle bunny"...

The day i learned a very important lesson about eating noodles under my bunk bed...

When working with Debra, Maryam and Sam during the summer, we often have fun chats and intriguing conversations, this being but one of them.

Mishearing things. All the time. 

A silly doodle for my parents to inform them of their melted daughter ♥

One of my all-time addictions obsessions: Icecream

When joking about the lyrics that irked me after watching the trailer for Disney's "Frozen".  I take back all the snarkiness though, i loved the film~

Finals season at the office is very fun~ i get to see the people we never see during the term.  That, and kids in the cage get to feel super popular for no real particular reason~ 

Yup, it's winter alright~

Looking through this post now, i realize that during this last year i really have drawn myself digitally a lot, haven't i?  It must be the bubbly bobbly hair~

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