Colourful stuffs!

And now, it's time for some traditional media!  Eventually i will scan some more work, but for now, watercolours! 

Our two carebears, Claire and Kaitlyn, sharing a cup of tea to dunk their biscuits at the cage one evening.

Top: Stargirl Sam told me one day that she was "down with the weather"and i found that saying so charming i had to do a small doodle for her~

bottom: i had an urge to draw some sort of weird research corner for a wizard of some sort.. with one of those super cool coal burning furnaces of some sort that are so hot they can heat tea kettles on top

Two crazy girls in our department, one that owns a Mike Wazowski hat and another that likes to steal it to wear~

At the prospect of getting a good chunk of the night for sleep, i was so excited i used some of that time to doodle instead… counter-counterproductive? ehe ehe~

Dino onesies for the win!

One shall munch as a dino would!!! Avec goût!!!

That day i drew my first pokemon when Diego challenged me to a pokemon doodle with a pokemon generator...

Heavy jackets and fluffy scarves for the chilly winter! 

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