As the week finally comes to an end with the weekend almost over, i can finally take this opportunity to  slack off a bit and post a doodle!

  Recently, a friend asked me if i could do a quick doodle for one of their colleagues whose last day with the company was quickly approaching.  As i didn't know the person in question, this was the result of my interrogating my friend:

My friend and i have come to an agreement that i'm probably the bunny eating, and watching the two crazy ones pour the beer... hehe =w=,,

  Its been a pretty crazy week and i'm pretty happy it's finally over.  Spring break starts Monday (welllll technically Saturday, but since i have work on Sunday, it doesn't count!) so i'm super excited to get some work done, sleep some, and do some fun stuffs!  I'm hoping, i'll be diurnal again starting Monday! >8D  Big goals...big goals... @u@

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