Today in watercolouring class...

we were told to paint something stemming from the center of the paper and branch outwards, focusing on keeping 'balance'.  The painting 'is not a painting, but it will become a painting'.

The teacher described how these types of paintings were at one point used to analyze a persons' mental state.  Given that description, i made this:

Needless to say, i was confused as heck, but all in all, i quite liked my piece…even though i was pretttyyy sure this wasn't quite what she was hoping for. (i think she felt the same… she wasn't happy, but her words were 'i can't say i dont like it, because it's beautiful…but….try to … focus on …balance')

We were apparently trying to paint a mandala.  I googled mandalas right before uploading it here… and now i'm super giggly. my piece was not a mandala.  it's somewhat a piece that described my current mental state, but it's not a mandala.  How interesting though~ i quite liked the approach of this exercise~

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