So while i'm supposed to be making an animatic, i decided to goof off and hide subliminal faces in one of my backgrounds~! they started off as huts, with windows and doorways.. they're still pretty much just that actually haha

nah? well, i thought they were cute at least~ :P


Today is watercolour day!

and… my sister's birthday! @u@  did a fun doodle for her,  but that's got too many inside jokes to post heh heh heh~!

Instead, have one of my character designs for the 'fat boy that gets eaten by the snake'!!

 i call him 'jamie'… cause jamon HEEHEEHEEE!!!

And then i did some quick 5 minute doodles of janesse and kirby… which got colored :B


I was gonna go home...

...but then i decided to doodle a note for the next person to use this computer

(… yeah it's another selfie hahaha…)
For real though, home time! 


Watercolours and stuff!

Did this painting of Sailor Moon on a whim during my TA class last night.. and decided to throw it into photoshop for some fun~ @u@ i'm disappointed at how short her legs seem, despite the effort i put in to making them disproportionally long already,,,

i wassss sorta hoping to make her look like she's digitally disintegrating or something, but that didn't work out cause the paper was bleeding everywhere.. so instead i added the cosmos behind her  I finally learned how to use the mask though! ;u: 

warm up!

Did a five minute doodle for today's warmup earlier~

Judging from the painting i did last night (i'll probably post it later after i experiment a bit more)  i find it irritated me at how the legs on sailor moon are never long enough when i draw them…

I'm definately excited for the reboot this summer! Helloooo childhood!! ,,*u*,,