in my natural habitat...?

Ah~ summer!  Summer break at home means...

COUCH POTATO-ING!!! ... actually, summer break really means... ↓
Couch potato-ing family style...but only here and there of coz hohoho

Counting down to the end of my free trial with Mischief.. 3 more days.. :(  i love how i can just zoom in and out, move around and just... export whatever area i want in this program.  i like the simplicity a lot as well, but i do wish there was a littttle more pressure sensitivity.  I'll consider it for now though, afterall, it isn't crucial that i have it right now...i guess :(  hehehehe
Anyways~ just lazy silly doodles today~ lalala~♫


Summer is here!

Summer summer ... SUMMER!!!!!!!!! \(>u<)/
I'm super stoked to be home, but when i came home, our backyard had been unattended for for approx 6 weeks? and the grass was tall and happy and had that pretty wheat-like top to it... and... unfortunately, my daddy no likey.

So! The other day he decided it was going to be gardening day... and guilted me into cutting the grass for him (boohoohoo. my pretty pretty little patch of grass... )

So this came out while i was using the free trial of a program i'm currently looking into.. heh heh heh.