Wait!! Summer you can't leave so fast!! D:>

Wow! In the blink of an eye, June flew by and July's already part over!
It's been a tad chaotic so far, but i do think things are calming down a bit at last!

Though i couldn't really bring my sketchbook around much lately, i did do a few little things here and there... 

For starts, i was in the mood for bikes for a bit and did a few experimental fails here and there, but when i think of bikes, of course i'd think of one of my favourites...

Akira ~! ♥︎ (and this marks the end of my free trial with Mischief!) 

Then a friend asked me to draw her... and i drew the biggest lie for her....

(HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that needle spews sparkles and bubbles and stars and wonderful stuff like that???? No. way. )

Then in between everything here and there, i sent my favourite trio a reminder for them to eat some choco-espresso beans hehe

 And finally, someone sent me one of those..."which character are you?" quizzes....

"Sailor Mai-cury" 

 Now that we're sorta caught up, i suppose it's time to get crackin' again! Thesis has begun and we've begun concocting little things here and there... i think next up, i'll be planning some bgs and char designs~ that gouache set... calls my name.... actually it's probably saying dont waste us you newb cause i actually dont know anything about gouache yet teeeheeeee

Summer, stay where you are! There's still a ton of stuff i wanna do before september! ;___: