Getting back into the grind

As the school year progresses, i'm looking forward to animating our films more and more! At times it gets daunting, and at times it pumps me up.  However, before i start jumping into animating our thesis with my trusty partner, i thought it'd probably be nice to do some random animated clips here and there as practice and stress reliever.  

Though this one was done in TVP cause i wanted it to be a super quick thing, i do look forward to doing exercises with various other programs that i'm not so familiar with, so that'll probably be a lot of fun! :] 

Anyways, here's practice no.1! 

(i'll reflect on this terrible staging.. but for the record, she's about to steal some cookies heheh)


It's Dino time! :B

 The other day I was asked to make a few notices for the department by my favourite Mark, as the Great Poop Dragon of the dept's representative, i decided dinos were appropriate for the mascot.

This mean dino one's for room 505's second computer (i'm starting to doubt my colour choices on that text though..)

And this clumsy one's for our new server's little tables inside the office!

i love that our department always has fun notices/instruction sheets on the walls hehe can't say i'm not thrilled to be making these to join the fun!  >u<


Although the weather might not agree with me on this but...

...September has arrived and school has begun once again--and that marks the beginning of autumn to me. Regardless of how deceptively summery the weather is, it's back to school and back in action (i hope!)!!! Hopefully i'll be updating more frequently now! :B

Let's start off with some birthday good cheer! couldn't get online to post it yesterday, but i'm sure her butt-kicking-ness continues anyways so tada!!!  Happie birthday Sam! :B

(that's a weird polka-dotted lollipop btw...)