There're these two girls i know who share an apartment--One is a prankster, the other's a goofball, but they're both very sweet, kind natured(?) girls.  The prankster is often upset at the goofball for all her silly mistakes and will throw fits that are absolutely HILARIOUS to watch (sorry!).  However in reality, i think they just act like really close sisters.  

When the goofball set our microwave on fire yesterday in the studio (it was probably actually just super bad luck and not really her fault for once), she was most afraid of her roomie finding out and getting mad, but when the prankster found out, she was most afraid that the goofball got hurt. Come on, are they not sisters? .... anyways, they're my victims for this doodle hehe~

It's been a while since i last did watercoloury stuffs! i tried to touch it last week and it was OOF disastroussssss so i think it's time to play a bit!  i also bought a new holbein dip pen so it's time to put that to good use! *u* 

To be honest, the prankster reminds me of my sister a bit in that she'll get mad and perhaps want to kill me every so often, but she'll always worry the most about me hehe~ <3  (... i won't admit to being the goofball that makes all the mistakes though!!! D8<))

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