Thank you 2014!

It's new year's eve! First of all, i wish everyone a happy happy 2015!

2014 has been a trying year for many it seems, but i do hope 2015 will find us in good humor!  Surely there will be its ups and downs, but may there be more ups than downs and may it perhaps leave us a slightly better person than we are today, this time next year.  Here's to charging into 2015!!
May the year be filled with smiles world wide!



Happie Holidays !!!!

It's winter break! (Already?? Crazy how this last semester flew right by! )
It's time to have fun! Time to spend some time with family and friends, time sit by the fireplace and let the fire warm your cold little toes, hum a little tune and sip on a cup of hot chocolate.  It's also time to take a deep breath and say thank you to the year that just passed, and greet the upcoming new year standing tall with a smile!

May 2015 treat everyone well, and may it be a year full of cheerful smiles all around!
I look forward to bugging everyone in 2015 too! <3