Dreaming with my eyes wide open...

The other night i was a little too awake to sleep so i went through my stash of pictures i've taken recently and came upon this picture of the most charming wooden bench found in Central Park.

Originally i was going to use this in one of my little animation schemes, but i decided to just do a still for fun for now....And so... a quick doodle made its way onto my screen in the middle of the night...! (that sneaky butt!)


Today's theme was "Sharks"

Today a friend and I were both having a slump day so we decided to doodle something and swap them to colour to get out of the slump.  In the end, i really wanted to colour my own doodle as well so uh... HEHEH I DID IT.  I love the difference in the two versions! Here is my version!

I'm really digging this brush i found in the program and having a lot of fun trying out new styles and techniques lately! Hope i get a little faster in the future though! :B


Still alive and kickin'!

Uwa~~~ It's really been a while since I've updated hasn't it!? 

I've been doing little bits of work here and there~ but with no access to a scanner, I haven't been able to post. Eventually I'll probably get them up! :]

You know what though? It's been even longer since I've tried to do things in Photoshop.  So today was quite an adventure~ haha

I had a lot of fun trying new things on this one~ hehe
Hopefully now that I can do digi-work again I'll be posting more again! :]