wrong layer...

Guess who's a doofus? (I am!!!) 
Guess who... always uses the wrong layers in projects? (I DO!!!!) 
Guess who messed up and drew on the bg layer complete with a bg fill? ( memememememeeeee~~~) 

yup. that's what happened here! Just a quick doodle while waiting for updates with work~!  (work in which i continuously....and consistently animated on the wrong layers btw haha... it was a slight nightmare...) 

While my uppers spoke dreamily of getting SUPER DRUNKKKK!!! and DRUNK ENOUGH BUT NOT TOO DRUNK!!!!!! tonight...i'm just.. relishing in the thought of rolling around tonight haha.. i'll save the alcohol for the weekend or something =u=+ 


"ghastly adventures"

Definitely inspired by 'ghost adventures', "Victim L" and i came up with this silly idea for a project to work on during down times.  I'm totally dead set on making this old school video game pixelated style.

our.. 'protagonist'???

our 'villain'?????  (we both like this guy too much though.....hahaha)

Soon after concocting this idea, we both got some new work on our grubby little paws so it's currently on hold, but it's definitely.. just waiting for it's turn.. =u=+


"Victim L"

My fellow 2D intern, very fun and sweet girl.. this fine morning, she was munching innocently (she later told me she was inhaling it like an animal) on a cliff bar with her coffee... when i creeped on her.  

i meant to do a speed painting of sorts.. but in the end i got held up on playing with lighting b/c it was just such a pretty morning...  the sunlight was literally golden, and the kitchenette area looked so warm and inviting~ =u=,,