Fun and shenanigans during the last few months~!

So a little while ago, i had some down time at work so i did some tests and found out how to do pixel animation..... i'm totally going to do a full on pixel animation some time..... Mark my word! 

This was so fun!!! 

For now though, have this fun test! Recognize the little pervy-looking character? ;) hehehe
(the fire is my favourite. it's so cute!!!)

And with this fun render, my internship at this wonderful wonderful studio comes to an end.  :(  

i've done and taken part in a lot of cool stuff here~ i'm so sad to know it's over! >< 

I suppose, if anything though, i can share some of the dumb bunny doodles I've done during the last few months i've been here though! hehehe  

for example... my favourite up-to-no-good-bunny? 

my oh-shit-i-ripped-the-bag-of-easter-eggs-and-dropped-them-all-over-the-hardwood-floor-and-the-studio-went-quiet-for-a-moment-bunny sequence.. (originally it was only the last drawing but..i added 2 more....)

the time we had a chat group with a few of the girls concocting lunch plans... 

..and my prompt was a success in which we all went out to get food after hehe

half way through drawing the plate of curry.. our favourite Mike came by and invited us to lunch.... we somehow actually did end up at GoGoCurry too! so this eventually ended up on his fb wall hehehe

oh and then i heard a certain Mark had a bike accident and busted his hands and knees.. but thank goodness his baby pup Otis wasn't in the bike basket for once.. <3 (Mark's alright too!)

..... i forget the prompt... but... it's me being pitiful with a puppy-eyed face

... what evil plans did i concoct again? (too many to count HOHOHOHO)

oh and then i bought the screen tones brush set... and had WAY TOO MUCH FUN hahahaha immediate gratification... is to do a simple doodle and fill it with polkadots of course <3

my evil-but-not-evil-bunny hehehe... 

my ambush-bunny coming from the ceiling hahaha 

oh and then there's my rule-breaker-bunny hehe

and then somewhere along the way.. of course i hid a bunny or ten in the work i was given :P 
this particular one lives in a cloud on top of elmo's apartment :P ... but i remember the first one i hid at this job... was in an explosion... =u=+ i was so proud of myself...heheheheh

annnnd that's about all i'm allowed to share! the rest... may have contained spoilers so they've been filtered ;) 

Hopefully i'll be able to come back to this studio some time in the future, i really loved it here! The work, the people... you name it! 

Thanks for an AMAZING internship these last few months Hornet Inc.!!!



Recently i've been working on this little project idea here and there whenever i have free time!  it's called 'Wild' at the moment, but it's still very much a w.i.p so we'll see how it goes! For now though, enjoy these sneak peeks! :D

i got really into this super meticulous way of colouring for some reason but i really like the effect so who knows.. i might do a lot more like this in the future! :B